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This book examines the role of emotions in contemporary TV series. Over the past 20 years, TV fiction has become one of the most powerful and influential.
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Emotions in Contemporary TV Series Alberto N. In fact, to narrate is always to produce emotions. Just as with other forms of art and expressions of popular culture, TV fiction can be at once a reflection of, and a normative guide for, social life. Often, social traits and predominant values — which are expressed in spe- cific trends or lifestyles that are symptomatic of social life and become socially binding — emerge from the study of these fictional works.

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Con- temporary TV series reveal some of the most singular expressions of the contemporary western lifestyle. From that starting point, the book, Emotions in Contemporary TV Series, focuses in particular on analysing the role of emotions in these narra- tives as well as how they relate to personal and collective identity in specific contemporary TV shows and genres.

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Shows like Mad Men, Lost and The Wire have shaped a vigorous televisual landscape where innovations in narrative form, aes- thetic engagement and an exploration of ethical issues have brought TV series to new heights. In the following pages of this introduction I will examine how, over the last few decades, the social sciences have returned to the study of emotions; I will then specifically focus on the role that emotions have played in film theory since its beginnings.

Next, I will briefly explain the causes behind the TV boom over the last 15 years in order to explain the ever-increasing academic fervour that TV series have awakened.

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This will allow me to show that, in spite of the extensive amount of exist- ing literature, the study of emotions in TV is a largely unexplored field. To conclude, I will outline the contents of this volume in order to offer a guide to the reader about the structure and object of study of each essay. Emotions by nature include both cultural and cognitive aspects, as well as evaluations and physiological changes which, ultimately, gene- rate practical dispositions.

Because of this inner wealth, emotions serve as an especially appropriate anchor for the study of society, and reveal contemporary social structures and cultural trends. Numerous discipli- nes have focused on emotions, but the latest multidisciplinary research attempts to integrate them into a less rigid analytical framework.

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