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If you don't already have Zucrow's Gas Dynamics, then perhaps you should. Excellent, lucid read. Every equation is derived, which is most helpful. Chapter 4 is.
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Gas Dynamics, Volume 1 by Maurice J. Zucrow, Joe D. Hoffman (Paperback, 1976)

Welcome to Loot. Checkout Your Cart Price. Add to cart. Description Details Customer Reviews Volume one of the complete and comprehensive guide to gas dynamics The first in a two-volume series, Gas Dynamics, Volume 1 provides the first half a comprehensive treatment of the subject of gas dynamics.

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Beginning with a review of the fundamental principles, the text then moves on to fully explore other relevant areas of gas dynamics. Readers will study such topics as the governing equations for compressible fluid flow, steady one-dimensional flow, expansion waves, flow with small perturbations, unsteady one-dimensional homentropic flow, and others.

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Gas Dynamics Vol 1: v. 1

Rarefied gas dynamics. Fundamentals of gas dynamics.

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Fundamentals of Gas Dynamics. Elements of Gas Dynamics. Gas Dynamics of Thin Bodies. Introduction to Reactive Gas Dynamics. Introduction to reactive gas dynamics.

11.1 What is Compressible Flow?

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